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(As if I need) Another Reason To Love Coffee

June 4, 2018

          What does a coffee-lover do in the month of Ramadan when the sips of that yummy brew are not allowed to pass your lips before sunset?

          Paint with it, I guess.

          I've often admired the richly roasted tones and sepia hues, and decided this was a good a time as any to experiment with coffee painting. I happened to be working on an illustration for a picture book I wrote, and wanted to feature the Andalusian landscape as a muted background to my flamenco-loving character.

          My coffee wash worked wonders!

          I was amazed at how easy it was to work with, and how closely it resembled watercolour. I also learned that my favourite cuppa, the very milky latte, isn't great for this exercise. Best to have instant coffee granules mixed neat with a few drops of water.

          The next day I had a hunt for coffee-painting tutorials, and would highly recommend the Skillshare lesson by @yasminacreates. I followed along with a practice sketch (that also happened to be a flamenco one) trying out different shades made by varying amounts of coffee and water.


          In the spirit of experimentation, I completed the picture book spread below by picking up the coffee stains with a Photoshop dropper and dousing the page with a light golden wash.

           If you'd like, you are welcome to visit swish-swirling Tía Murcia and other coffee-fueled sketches in my illustration gallery.



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