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Go, Katydid, Go!

April 10, 2018

Some time ago, when I was newly acquainted with the garden, I met a young katydid.


Sure, she had eaten chunks out of my rosebuds and discs out of my leaves, but she was just so intriguing and delicious that I started following her around.


She looked innocent enough with her leaf-green body, tiny wings, slender legs and pink blush as she gingerly stepped from flower to flower.




 But I was convinced that when I wasn't looking, she would turn into this:

 An intrepid adventurer!


Here are 5 facts you may not know about katydids:

1. They may look a lot like grasshoppers, and are indeed in the same order, but from a totally different family.

2. Katydids are wizards at camouflage and masters of imagination.

3. Their favourite foods are leaf tacos.

4. Young katydids often have a splash of bright colour on their back, but some adult katydids can be totally fluoro!

5. Katydids makes sounds called stridulations with their wings.


I wanted to write a book about her, as I was collecting ideas for picture books at the time. But her adventures were so massive that it wouldn't fit into 32 pages. I figured it was time to expand into a chapter book at the very least, but I wasn't sure where to start.


So I took the Children's Book Academy Chapter Book Alchemist / Middle Grade Mastery course, taught by Mira Reisberg and Hillary Homzie. I was blessed with great teachers and an awesome critique group, and soon my little katydid found a home.




I submitted the first chapter of my story, 'Braving the Shadows - a Katydid Tale' to the Greenleaf Blossoms Chapter Book competition, and guess what?


I won 2nd place!! Hooray!


My little katydid continues to grow in my adventure series and I hope that one day it can find a new friend in a young avid reader and fellow adventurer.


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