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Garden Watch - January 2018 Heat Wave

January 16, 2018

We escaped to the seaside during 'heatwave horror' fortnight.

How did our garden fare?


When we arrived home from our holiday, Ro-Ro tugged me to the back garden as soon as we got through the gate. 


Our tall mint variety has been macerated by a very hungry grasshopper (and his gazillion cousins).  Time to try some flour and garlic spray.

In other critter news, the spiders have taken liberties with scaffolding.




There is a fresh crop of sea lavender, attracting delicate summer butterflies, but the French lavender needs a good trim.

Swatches of dry brown stems as the violas head off after the most amazing season ever.  Til next time, little bulbs.


Oh, the bounty!

Within the fortnight, the magnificent turmeric flowers have multiplied. 

The eggplants and curry leaves made their way into a Malaysian fish curry that very night, and the chillis will soon follow.  More fresh ripe tomatoes devoured whole by the expert taster and the watermelon slinks along the ground with little yellow flowers full of promise.  The pomegranate tree continues to tease us with these blood orange bells.



Most exciting of all, these little buds of the dragonfruit tree.  Already sweet enough to attract the neighbourhood ants.  I can't wait for the magical night when these beauties flower.




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