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Garden Watch - New Year 2018

January 13, 2018

If my cheeky blossom of a daughter is my number one muse, then my feisty tropical garden would be a close second.

          Two years after moving in and inheriting this amazingly fertile ground, the garden is still surprising us with new crops that rise from the earth or bloom in the trees with the change of the seasons.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with a botanical beauty that seemed to have crept up on me, that I scribble and sketch furiously as a log and reminder, but sadly, the record-keeping has been inconsistent.

          Time to call upon the resolutionary charm of the New Year and its sidekick, Accountability.

          Here on the blog, I will post a garden update at least twice a month.  If it happens that I'm away from the garden, I will substitute it with a Nature Log, however brief.

          We've learned so much from this green space that we are so lucky to have, and I hope that it some small way, you can gain inspiration from it, too.

          In this first post are some photos of the garden on New Year's Day.


Lots of sunshine and rain make for dazzling fruit & veg!

Tomatoes that have seeded themselves all around the garden, pomegranate, habanero peppers, strawberries and our expert fruit-picker.



Pink & purple flowers.

Plumeria, Iris, African daisy, Portulaca, Angelonia, and the first of the Magnolias.



A curious find from the market - an eggplant that really looks like an egg!  Now we have the perfect duo, ivory and ebony.



Winged creatures.

Little grasshopper, rainbow lorikeet, bird of paradise, common crow butterfly.


A bit of vine wrangling on New Year's Eve.

The second picture shows the tree that had been swamped underneath.  Tender tendrils of passionfruit trees.


For the kitchen.

Vietnamese mint that I still don't have recipes for, curry trees growing lush, turmeric flower and a fleet of turmeric leaves.


See you soon!




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