Hello, I'm Inda!

I write and illustrate stories for children inspired by

nature and cultures

around the globe

A word about books ...

Books have gotten me in a number of sticky situations …


As a little girl, I read in the dark when I should've been asleep.  Before long, I needed glasses and was forever branded a bookworm.


Books spurred me on to faraway places.  From my birth place of Malaysia, I roamed far and wide.  I tickled nudibranchs underwater and was chased by a triggerfish. I swam under roaring cataracts and climbed clouded mountains.  I tiptoed through shadowy grottoes and visited sighing mosques.


Other kinds of books led me to a vocation in medicine and surgery and I am still practising today. 


I moved to Australia and met a guy with a delightful habit of taking me to the sea when it was sunny and to the bookstore when it rained.  I married him and now we live in Brisbane.


In 2015, we met a tiny, curious person who might be as afflicted by books as I am – our daughter Seroja.  She picks them out for us to read together and I often wonder if she would like reading one of mine.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


So here we are.

As I learn the craft, I will plot my fledgling steps here.  I would love to connect with other readers, writers, illustrators and those done in by books in general.  I’m sure we’ll have a lot of stories to share.

Latest News:

Night Lights finds a home with Little Pink Dog Books

My debut picture book 'Night Lights' will be published by Little Pink Dog Books in Q1 2021, and will be illustrated by the artfully magical Lesley McGee.


Thank you Peter and Kathy from LPDB for seeing something in my story. I'm looking forward to this incredible journey!

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